Planting For Pollinators

Sunday June 9 1:00-4:00

Planting For Pollinators is an opportunity to hear how protecting natural areas in Johnson County is making a difference locally and beyond.  Find out how you can incorporate native plants into urban landscapes for beautiful functional yards which are hardy and benefit pollinators.  Learn about butterflies, their life cycle and how to create a habitat that attract butterflies and provide what they need to thrive

Take time to visit Forever Green’s butterfly house, see examples of native plants for their yards. Talk to local Master Gardeners about raising butterflies and learn more about visiting Bur Oak’s properties and their preservation of natural areas.

Those attending this free event will hear from:

Jason Taylor Property Steward for Bur Oak Land Trust will talk about the organization dedicated to preserving and restoring native prairie and woodland areas in Johnson County.  Learn how their work to restore prairie areas have resulted in verified sightings of endangered species including Rusty Patched Bumble Bee on their properties.

Janie Grillo works at Midwest Groundcovers a nursery specializing in among other things native and prairie plants.  Janie will share her passion for butterflies combined with years of experience with natives to talk about how incorporating natives into urban yards improves habitat for butterflies and other pollinators.

Lucy Hershberger owner of Forever Green has combined her career working with plants with a love for butterflies by creating a butterfly house at Forever Green, offering Monarch tagging and other activities.  She will talk about butterflies, their lifecycle and how understanding their needs will help you create spaces that bring butterflies into your yard.